5 Ways to Prevent Deer from Damaging Your Property

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No matter how lovingly you’ve maintained your landscape, deer can wreak some serious havoc – especially on your shrubs and trees. With food sources being scarce in the Hamilton, Burlington area in winter, your beautiful property is even more at risk of becoming a source of food for deer. Here are five ways to protect… Read more »

How and When to Prune

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With fall quickly descending upon us, homeowners begin to clean up their properties and put garden beds to sleep. While working on their properties in preparation for the upcoming winter, they routinely prune shrubs, trees and plants. However, before you begin cutting those bushes, you need to learn a few lessons about pruning in fall… Read more »

Should I Prune In The Fall? No Way! Here’s What You Should Do…

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A woman pruning

As the fall comes rolling in, homeowners start the chore of cleaning up their property. They crave getting outside to prepare their gardens and landscape for the upcoming winter and part of their routine is to prune shrubs, trees and plants.  Before you ask yourself “Should I prune in the fall” and start hacking away… Read more »

Walkways for Gardens and Other Ways to Enhance Your Landscape

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stone walkway

The landscape surrounding your home is especially important because it creates visual appeal and increases the value of your home. Real estate agents will tell you that good landscaping can add as much as 20 percent to a property’s value. The ability to access your property is paramount to its appeal. Keep reading to find… Read more »

How to Achieve a Water-Wise Garden

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A Garden in front of a house

Everyone loves to have a beautiful garden during the summer time, but to achieve that is an accomplishment; water is a vital component to make those blooms burst with health, vitality and colour.   Toilets, lawns and landscape watering are the biggest offenders of water consumption, but with regard to your gardens, you can give… Read more »

Pollinating Friendly Gardening and Other Flowers For Bees

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Each year, we hear about the mysterious global disappearance of our pollinating friends, especially the plight of our honeybees. This is due mainly to the use of certain herbicides and particularly habitat loss. Gardeners can make a big difference for all pollinators by enhancing the type of flowers in the garden and creating a bee-friendly… Read more »

Spring is Here! It’s Time to Get Your Garden Ready

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With the last of the snow melting away, the days getting warmer and more daylight to enjoy, we get the sense the spring has finally arrived!   After the frigid misery of winter, your property and gardens have been exposed to an onslaught of soot, broken branches, leaves and lots of other debris that has… Read more »

Natural Mosquito Repellent Plants

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plant that repels mosquitos

Although spring and summer is still a few months away, garden enthusiasts can start gearing up to plan their gardens for the outdoor season. Like many gardening buffs, homeowners are always looking for ways to control the breeding of mosquitoes in their backyards. There is nothing worse than being eaten alive by these pesky and… Read more »